Republican Steve Marshall

AG elections

In Alabama, the Attorney General is chosen by voters for four-year terms. AG Marshall was first appointed by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R) in 2017. Marshall was then elected in 2018. The next election is in 2022.

What you should know about AG Steve Marshall:

  • AG Marshall is a part of the Republican led multistate lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act and strip protections from over 133 million people across the country.
  • AG Marshall is defending Alabama‚Äôs near-total abortion ban, hoping to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • AG Marshall is suing to prevent the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, a Constitutional amendment that would ensure protections in the U.S. Constitution for women and prohibit discrimination based on sex.
  • AG Marshall is on the Executive Committee of the Republican Attorneys General Association.

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