Republican Kevin Clarkson

AG elections

In Alaska, the Attorney General is appointed by the governor and is subject to confirmation by a majority of the legislature. There are no term limits, the officeholder serves at the pleasure of the Governor. AG Clarkson was appointed in 2018 by Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy.

What you should know about AG Kevin Clarkson:

  • AG Clarkson asked for Trump’s help to fast track his wife and stepson’s immigration to the United States, while also supporting Trump’s discriminatory immigration policies.
  • AG Clarkson joined an amicus brief arguing that transgender workers should not be protected under a federal law that bans sex discrimination in the workplace.
  • Prior to serving as AG, Clarkson was an anti-abortion attorney who defended several anti-choice laws that the Alaska Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional under the state’s constitution.

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