Democrat Xavier Becerra

AG elections California, the Attorney General is chosen by voters for four-year terms with a two-term limit.  AG Becerra was initially appointed to this position in 2017 when former California Attorney General Kamala Harris was elected to the U.S. Senate. AG Becerra was then elected in 2018 to a full term. next election is in 2022.

What you should know about AG Xavier Becerra

  • AG Xavier Becerra is leading the multistate coalition of 21 Democratic AGs defending the Affordable Care Act against an effort to overturn the law. If successful, this lawsuit would preserve health care protections for millions across the country.
  • AG Xavier Becerra is fighting to preserve the DACA program. In 2018, a court temporarily halted an effort to end the program and thanks to Democratic AGs like AG Becerra, more than half a million Dreamers have renewed their DACA status.
  • AG Xavier Becerra is leading the multistate coalition of 22 Democratic AGs suing Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency for its attempts to block the state from using its long-standing authority to set its own fuel-efficiency standards on cars and trucks.

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