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In Washington State, the Attorney General is chosen by voters and serves for four-year terms with no term limit. AG Ferguson was first elected in 2012 and re-elected in 2016. He is up for re-election in November 2020.

What you should know about AG Bob Ferguson:

  • AG Bob Ferguson is a part of the multistate coalition of 21 Democratic AGs fighting to defend the Affordable Care Act against an effort to overturn the law. If successful, this lawsuit would preserve health care protections for millions across the country.
  • AG Bob Ferguson is leading a multistate coalition of 21 Democratic AGs suing to prevent the online distribution of blueprints for untraceable 3D-printed guns.
  • AG Bob Ferguson sued the Trump Administration over its “conscience rule,” which allowed health providers to refuse to perform services like abortion on religious or moral grounds. A District Court judge in Washington sided with AG Ferguson and declared that the rule would have jeopardized access to reproductive healthcare for Washington families.
  • AG Bob Ferguson is national leader when it comes to protecting everyday workers, often fighting to protect them from wage theft and harmful anti-poaching agreements.

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